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Unlock the full power of g-nie

Expert g-nie

Do you run a staffing agency? Do you need an interface with your workers on one hand and your clients on the other? Get all of what g-nie has to offer! Seamless interface between your workers & your clients, all in one place - from onboarding to salary for the workers & from an order to an invoice for your client!

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With our hours reports there are no more mistakes!

The workers hourly reports are sent through our platform for the client’s approval after clocking times are confirmed. Each report  can be approved or declined, workers can be rated, favored or blocked & more.

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Invoicing your clients has never been easier

Insert the payment details for the client, choose the time period you wish, and invoice is on its way.

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Know exactly where your

business is, every day

Manage your balance, learn the insights, know which clients are better than the most and the opposite, get all the information you need in order to improve your profitability.

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Several statistic dashboards

Analyze your costs, your payments, your workforce, your clients, your staff -all you need to better run your business.

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You decide how much each worker will get for the job

Same salary, differential or by its own specific contract.

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